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Persistent Concussion Symptoms

Including Post Concussion Syndrome

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MindSET clients are provided with an opportunity to identify their specific concussion outcomes, current functional abilities and goals. Individuals are supported to create a plan to
manage their ongoing symptoms and to work collaboratively with the MindSET team every
step of the way. Concussion services at MindSET are designed to address persistent symptoms that are impacting the daily lives of people who have had one or more concussions. These
people may have a diagnosis of Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

The MindSET team offers the following programs and services:

The MindSET Concussion Wellness Program

The MindSET Concussion Wellness Program is a unique 8 week psychoeducational and therapeutic opportunity for people experiencing lingering concussion symptoms. The 8 group sessions are augmented by 1:1 counselling between weekly meetings to ensure that each participant is integrating the information and applying it to their own recovery. Any barriers to recovery, including anxiety, depression or family dynamics, will be explored during the counselling sessions. The group is facilitated by Registered Clinical Counsellors and experienced Complex Case Managers, providing therapeutic opportunities in addition to education about concussion recovery and practical strategy developement. Participants learn how to manage their unique symptoms and develop a plan to return to previously enjoyed activities, work/school etc. This group is appropriate for anyone who has experienced one or more concussions with lingering symptoms (beyond 8 weeks) impacting daily functioning.

(virtual or in-person sessions available)

Individual Counselling

Our welcoming, safe and non-judgemental space allows individuals to openly discuss their concussion experiences and the impacts on their relationships and daily functioning. We help our clients identify barriers to wellness, develop new perspectives that support healthy coping and modify or set goals to enhance quality of life.

Caregiver/Family Member Counselling

Concussion recovery impacts both the individual and the people close to them. At times, caregivers may feel isolated and overwhelmed. MindSET offers a welcoming, safe and non-judgemental space to explore the emotional costs of caregiving, support well-being and build resiliency.

Couple and Family Counselling

Our welcoming, safe and non-judgemental space allows for couples or families to explore the many impacts of concussions on their relationship(s). The goal of service is to help families/couples strengthen and thrive, creating a healthy context that supports ongoing concussion recovery.

Youth 12+ Counselling

Youth experiencing lingering symptoms of concussions are supported in a safe and friendly space to work together to understand their experience, build confidence and resiliency and learn strategies to create a hopeful future.

Wellness Plan Consultation

This consultation process is intended for individuals seeking personalized recommendations to address changes in abilities after concussion. During this 90-minute session, clients will explore their personal circumstances and help create a written Concussion Wellness Plan outlining realistic and achievable action steps to improve functioning and quality of life. The plan will include specific strategies for immediate implementation and may also contain recommendations for counselling and referrals to other resources in the community.

Return to School Support

Returning to high school or college/university after a concussion can be difficult, after a concussion, particularly if you are experiencing lingering concussion symptoms. Most students who sustain a concussion return to pre-injury functioning after 3-4 weeks but up to 5% of people will have persistent symptoms that interfere with their academic goals for weeks or even months. At MindSET, we offer collaboration and communication with other healthcare professionals, school-based professionals and parents/caregivers of youth 12+ to assist with a return to learn plan, along with options for counselling or group based support to address concerns such as depression and/or anxiety are also available to support your individualized plan.

Return to Work Support

At MindSET, clients have the opportunity to explore physical, emotional and cognitive barriers to recovery after concussion. In order to facilitate successful work experiences, we offer a collaborative approach to help you improve communication strategies, enhance your social networks, and explore your expectations for recovery. We can also work with you and your employers to design return to work accommodations and provide concussion recovery education.

Remember you are braver than you believe and stronger than you think.

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